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Wiring Diagram codes for IQ2, IQ Pro, IQT2 & IQT Pro

The wiring diagram selector returns standard IQ2, IQ Pro, IQT2 & IQT Pro wiring diagrams only. For specials or if you can't find what you want, please contact Rotork.

IQ Type
3 IQ (Isolating/Regulating)
5 IQM (Modulating)
6 IQT (Isolating/Regulating)
7 IQTM (Modulating)
4 IQ - Japan (Isolating/Regulating)
8 IQT - Japan (Isolating/Regulating)
Remote Indication
0 Basic Contacts S1-S4
1 S1-S4 + extra indication contacts S5-S8
Remote Analogue indication
0 No remote analogue indication
1 4-20mA Valve Position Indication (CPT)
2 4-20mA Valve Torque Indication (CTT)
3 4-20 mA Valve Position & Torque (CPT & CTT)
4 24V Auxiliary power & 4-20mA Valve Position Indication (CPT)
5 24V Auxiliary power
6 Loop Powered CPT
Actuator Power Supply
0 IQ 3-Phase only OR IQT (3-Phase, Single Phase & DC)
1 IQS Single Phase Supply
2 IQD Direct Current Supply
8 IQT Failsafe (External Supply)
9 IQT Failsafe (Internal Supply)
Control Options
- Positive switching control (-ve common)
N Negative switching control (+ve common)
C Isolated Open, Close & ESD
A 125V DC Remote Control
S SIL pak
Remote Control Type
0 Hardwired control only
1 Analogue proportional control (Folomatic)
2 Pakscan
3 Pakscan + Analogue input
4 Modbus Single Channel
5 Modbus Dual Channel
6 Profibus Dual Channel
7 Devicenet
8 Foundation Fieldbus
9 Profibus Single Channel
Hydraulic Shock Control
0 None (Set by Actuator Speed Selection)
1 Adjustable Stroke (Interupter Timer)
On Board Power Supply for Remote Control
0 24V DC
1 120V AC
Background indicates the default options.
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