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Wiring Diagram codes for IQ3 Range

The wiring diagram selector returns standard IQ3 Range wiring diagrams only. For specials or if you can't find what you want, please contact Rotork.

Type / Duty
1 IQ Standard
2 IQ Modulating
3 IQT Standard
4 IQTM Modulating
5 IQ Standard Japan
6 IQM Modulating Japan
7 IQ Actuator with SIL Control Board
Power Supply
0 IQ 3-Phase/IQT with 24 VDC Customer Supply
1 IQ 3-Phase/IQT with 120 VAC Customer Supply
2 IQ 1-Phase with 24 VDC customer supply
3 IQ 1-Phase with 120 VAC customer supply
4 IQ DC with 24 VDC customer supply
5 IQ/IQT DC Solar with 24 VDC customer supply
Analogue 4-20mA
0 None
1 Position Indication (CPT)
2 Torque/Position Indication (CTT/CPT)
3 Position Control/Indication (Folomatic/CPT)
4 Analogue Monitoring (Network only)
5 Position Indication (CPT) Loop Powered
6 Torque/Position Indication (CTT/CPT) Loop Powered
7 Position Control/Indication (Folomatic/CPT) with Loop Powered CPT
8 2 x Analogue Monitoring (Pakscan Only)
A Pakscan Analogue
B Basic no network control (hardwired only)
D DeviceNet 2-wire digital control
F Foundation Fieldbus 2-wire digital control
H Hart 2-wire analogue control/digital feedback
K Pakscan 2-wire digital control
M Modbus 2-wire digital control
P Profibus 2-wire digital control
R Pakscan Wired + Wireless
W Pakscan Wireless
Network Options
0 None
1 Auxiliary Power (No network fitted)
2 Single Channel
3 Dual Channel
4 Repeater (Modbus only)
5 Single Channel (Auxiliary powered)
6 Dual Channel (Auxiliary powered)
Remote Options
0 None
1 Negative switched Remotes (positive common)
2 BBC Remotes (isolated commons)
3 125v DC Remotes
Indication Options
0 None
1 Extra relay contacts S5-S8 (4 additional contacts)
2 Extra relay contacts S5-S12 (8 additional contacts)
3 SIL Stayput
4 SIL Stayput + Extra Relays S5-S8 (4 additional contacts)
5 SIL Stayput + Extra Relays S5-S12 (8 additional contacts)
0 None
1 Interrupter Timer (2 speed timer)
4 Disconnect Module
5 Interrupter Timer & Disconnect Module
6 Remote Hand Station
7 Remote Hand Station & Interrupter Timer
Background indicates the default options.
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