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Wiring Diagram codes for IQ3/IQT3 Range

The wiring diagram selector returns standard IQ3/IQT3 Range wiring diagrams only. For specials or if you can't find what you want, please contact Rotork.

Type / Duty
1 IQ Standard
2 IQ Modulating
3 IQT Standard
4 IQTM Modulating
5 IQ Standard Japan
6 IQM Modulating Japan
7 IQ Actuator with SIL Control Board
Power Supply
0 IQ 3-Phase/IQT with 24 VDC Customer Supply
1 IQ 3-Phase/IQT with 120 VAC Customer Supply
2 IQ 1-Phase with 24 VDC customer supply
3 IQ 1-Phase with 120 VAC customer supply
4 IQ DC with 24 VDC customer supply
5 IQ/IQT DC Solar with 24 VDC customer supply
Analogue 4-20mA
0 None
1 Position Indication (CPT)
2 Torque/Position Indication (CTT/CPT)
3 Position Control/Indication (Folomatic/CPT)
4 Analogue Monitoring (Network only)
5 Position Indication (CPT) Loop Powered
6 Torque/Position Indication (CTT/CPT) Loop Powered
7 Position Control/Indication (Folomatic/CPT) with Loop Powered CPT
8 2 x Analogue Monitoring (Pakscan Only)
B Basic no network control (hardwired only)
D DeviceNet 2-wire digital control
F Foundation Fieldbus 2-wire digital control
H Hart 2-wire analogue control/digital feedback
K Pakscan 2-wire digital control
M Modbus 2-wire digital control
P Profibus 2-wire digital control
R Pakscan Wired + Wireless
W Pakscan Wireless
Network Options
0 None
1 Auxiliary Power (No network fitted)
2 Single Channel
3 Dual Channel
4 Repeater (Modbus only)
5 Single Channel (Auxiliary powered)
6 Dual Channel (Auxiliary powered)
Remote Options
0 None
1 Negative switched Remotes (positive common)
2 BBC Remotes (isolated commons)
3 125v DC Remotes
Indication Options
0 None
1 Extra relay contacts S5-S8 (4 additional contacts)
2 Extra relay contacts S5-S12 (8 additional contacts)
3 SIL Stayput
4 SIL Stayput + Extra Relays S5-S8 (4 additional contacts)
5 SIL Stayput + Extra Relays S5-S12 (8 additional contacts)
0 None
1 Interrupter Timer (2 speed timer)
4 Disconnect Module
5 Interrupter Timer & Disconnect Module
6 Remote Hand Station
7 Remote Hand Station & Interrupter Timer
Background indicates the default options.
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